Medical Malpractice Articles

Botched Delivery Results in Largest-Ever Blair County Verdict

Mayhue v. Pazmino$4 Million VerdictPennsylvania Law WeeklyVerdicts : SettlementsApril 3, 2006 Date of Verdict: February 15, 2006Court and Case No.: C.P.Blair, No. 2002-GN-5207Judge: Hiram A. Carpenter, IIIType of Action: Medical malpractice.Injuries: Brain damage. Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Jerry I. Meyers and Paul

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Lawyers: Verdict’s Just Right

Attorneys say Tyrone Hospital trying ‘to threaten and terrify a community.’ Altoona Mirror, March 8, 2006by Phil Ray and Greg Bock HOLLIDAYSBURG – Lawyers for a 10-year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy say a civil court verdict of more than $4

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Evaluation of a Birth Injury Case (Part 2)

(Read Part 1 Here) Any attorney contemplating a birth-injury case must anticipate the defenses, both legitimate and illegitimate, that can be raised in such claims. Indeed, an intelligent decision to undertake a birth-injury claim cannot be made without an examination

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