Garrett Trettel, J.D.

“Passion for the law fuels the pursuit of justice and the flames of that passion never dim in the hearts of dedicated attorneys.”

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Making A Real Difference

Guided by an unwavering passion for giving back, Garrett remains steadfast in advocating for individuals affected by medical malpractice. His journey is marked by a faithful dedication to justice and an enduring aspiration to make a positive difference in the lives of those he serves.

About Garett Trettel

Attorney Garrett Trettel

Growing up as the son of a dedicated court reporter, some of Garrett’s earliest memories were formed in the galleries of courtrooms, where he witnessed the pursuit of justice through his mother’s work. These experiences ignited a profound connection to the principles of justice, law, and the drive to make a positive impact by doing what’s right.

During his undergraduate years at the University of Pittsburgh, Garrett’s commitment to service led him to the role of Vice President in a charity combating food insecurity on campus This pivotal involvement laid the foundation for his enduring enthusiasm to enact tangible transformations within local communities.

Upon entering Duquesne-Kline School of Law, Garrett’s devotion to justice continued to evolve. He engaged in diverse legal matters as a law clerk at esteemed firms, refining his skills and deepening his legal understanding. Guided by mentors, Garrett embraced advocacy through a mock-trial competition in his final year, revealing his innate talent for persuasive argumentation.

Garrett’s pledge to justice found focus in civil rights litigation, resonating deeply with his commitment to equality and fairness. His outstanding performance in the class earned him the prestigious CALI award, a testament to his passion and proficiency. Participating in a federal litigation clinic broadened his perspective, enhancing his ability to navigate complex legal challenges and collaborate effectively within a legal team.

Recognizing the value of knowledge-sharing, Garrett eagerly contributed as a legal research and writing teaching assistant at Duquesne-Kline after his first year. This role enriched his understanding and underscored his enthusiasm for supporting fellow students.

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