Focus Groups, Big Data, and How to Look for the System Failure in Your Med Mal Case with Ben Gideon

The best trial lawyers are the ones who can spot the big picture and then figure out a strategy to use that to tip the case to their side.

Tune in as Ben Gideon shares an interesting way to frame an individual doctor case as a system failure, how to overcome confirmation bias in your case prep, the value of big data studies in settlement discussions and client communication, and the way you should be doing focus groups to confront your case weaknesses.

A Trailblazing Victory in Rural Pennsylvania: Victor Pribanic Explains his $3.25M Verdict

While there are certain venues you’d like to avoid, if possible, you just can’t control where your client was injured. Our clients deserve justice no matter where malpractice happened. In this episode of Trial & Medical Error, Victor Pribanic shares how he and his associate, Sherie Cannin, won the first medical malpractice verdict in McKean County, the different hurdles they had to overcome, and the role that his client’s personality played in the trial.

Mediation Master Class: Advising Clients and Winning Negotiations with John Noble

There’s nothing “alternative” about the mediation process anymore. Trials are the alternative because settlements and mediations far outweigh the cases that are being tried. In this episode of Trial & Medical Error, med mal litigator Brendan Lupetin talks with John Noble, a prolific and highly sought-after mediator in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Tactics For a $100 Million Verdict with Ryan McKeen

Being prepared for trial conveys the message that your case is important. So when you have a limited window of time to present your case to the jury, you better not wing it. On this episode of Trial & Medical Error, med mal litigator Brendan Lupetin interviews Ryan McKeen, the Co-founder and CEO of Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC. A first-generation lawyer, Ryan is the author of multiple personal injury books including, Tiger Tactics. He also mentors lawyers on how to be better firm owners through the Lawyerist. Additionally, Ryan is a nationally recognized speaker and actively contributes to his community through various charitable causes.

Want a Law Practice Like John Fisher? He’ll Tell You Exactly How to Get It

Tune in as John Fisher provides a masterclass for young lawyers hungry to make (and keep) more money, develop a referral-based practice, and cultivate a valuable referral network. John is the owner and founder of The New York Injury and Malpractice Law Firm in Kingston, New York, where he specializes in the representation of catastrophically injured persons. He’s also the author of several books as well as an entrepreneur and the founder of The Mastermind Experience, a challenging seminar where elite lawyers collaborate to achieve incredible results.

No Risk, High Reward: Virtual Focus Groups to Improve Case Outcomes, Part 2

While it’s okay to look for positive feedback, don’t try to win the focus group. That’s a mistake. Instead you want that first presentation to be really tough so that you find all the problems, all the ways that the jury hates your case, hates you, hates your client, whatever it is. And then you can iterate, fix, repair, and patch.

No Risk, High Reward: Virtual Focus Groups to Improve Case Outcomes, Part 1

Anybody can do a focus group. With the prevalence of virtual platforms nowadays, it is so much easier to do focus groups that there’s really no excuse not to. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, either. If you aren’t doing focus groups, you’re probably doing yourself, your case, and your client a disservice.

Navigating the Blame Game: Strategies for Med Mal Cases

In a med mal case, it’s easier for people to hold an entity responsible–like a hospital–and make them pay, rather than blaming an individual–like a doctor. Therefore, how you work up a med mal case matters. It’s the difference between working up a case that is easier to win versus a case that is harder to win. What kind of case do you want?

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