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Choosing an attorney is an important decision, partly because the decision to call an attorney itself can be so difficult for many people.  People struggle with the decision to call an attorney for many different reasons.  Somebody whose spouse, parent, or child suffered injuries or death due to the carelessness of other will be overcome not only with grief, they will often need to adjust to new responsibilities as a caregiver or wage earner.  People who are seriously injured must take time for medical care and treatment, adapt to their disabilities, and overcome financial hardship as they struggle without a paycheck or the ability to care for and support their family.  Fear or distaste of confronting others for their wrongs can present another obstacle to the decision to find a law firm that handles personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuits.  Filing a lawsuit is often the farthest thing from the minds of people dealing with wrongful death or catastrophic injury caused by the negligence of others.

Only when, and if, the stress and feeling of betrayal is too much to bear do some people finally decide to call an attorney.

At Lupetin & Unatin, we treat everybody who calls our office with respect because we know what people go through before they call an attorney.  When a potential client calls our office, we set aside what we were doing and make time to listen to you and your story.  Too often busy attorneys sharply reject new callers because at first blush the potential damages are too low or fault too difficult to prove.  Some attorneys rush to end the call from a potential client like the caller is nothing but a waste of time.  Maybe lawyers are right to reject some of these cases.  But, lawyers are never right to treat people in this way.

Be assured, the attorneys of Lupetin and Unatin will listen to your story and treat you with respect.  You called for help and you deserve to fully understand why we can or cannot help you.  Our purpose is to provide answers, even if the answer is “no, I’m sorry we can’t help you.”

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