Patients Treated At UPMC Jameson May Have Been Exposed To Improperly Cleaned Ultrasound Probes

We are closely following the recent report that more than 200 patients treated at UPMC Jameson Hospital may have been exposed to improperly cleaned ultrasound probes.  An ultrasound probe is a medical instrument used inside a patient’s body during the course of various procedures, including obstetrical and gynecological exams.  Hospitals must follow strict procedures for the cleaning and disinfection of ultrasound probes and similar instruments that doctors insert inside patients’ bodies.  Regrettably, when hospitals fail to properly train and supervise their employees, bugs can remain on or inside medical instruments due to improper cleaning.  Any lapse in the correct procedure for cleaning and disinfecting ultrasound probes can lead to the spread of dangerous germs from patient to patient.  Patients exposed to dirty ultrasound probes are at increased risk for developing potentially dangerous infections.

Our medical malpractice attorneys have represented numerous clients who have suffered injury and emotional distress related to the improper cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments.  

If you or a loved one were treated with an ultrasound probe at UPMC Jameson that was improperly cleaned, and you want to know what rights you have in light of the exposure to this potential danger, please contact us for a free evaluation.

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