Three UPMC Patients Died From Fungal Infections Following Transplant Surgery

A Fourth Is Recovering; Attorneys Investigating Outbreak

We are currently investigating a case involving a 70-year-old man who suffered from a progressive lung disorder and underwent a double lung transplant at UPMC Presbyterian. The man spent three years waiting for the transplant, but following the surgery—which went “great” according to attorney Jerry Meyers—he contracted a fungal infection in his new lungs.

Not long after the transplant, the man developed breathing issues. Approximately one month following the initial surgery, doctors removed two lobes of the man’s new lungs due to the infection, which members of UPMC claim “could possibly be associated with exposure to mold.”

The hospital’s transplant program was suspended for six days and the health department requested UPMC take corrective action.

We are investigating the circumstances that led up to the man contracting the infection; including determining whether the hospital took the proper precautions beforehand and whether the hospital took the necessary actions once he was diagnosed.

The man continues to recover from the ordeal, with his wife of nearly four decades by his side.

For more about this, read Mold Derails Lung Patient’s Dream.

*Jerry Meyers retired from the firm in 2021.

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