Medical Malpractice Attorneys

In some cases our clients have offered feedback about their experience working with our firm. Please take some
time to review their comments. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.


Jerry and Greg were a blessing. They always had Jeff’s welfare at the top of the list. They encouraged us to be more forward with his care and wanted him to progress. Their staff was the most professional and courteous group of people I’ve ever worked with. Jerry was on top of the case from the very beginning with Greg. I was amazed at the depositions on how they were able to get the facts out. Jeffery has continued to progress; however, the incident with always have a lasting effect. I would recommend Jerry and Greg to anyone who has a medical legal concern. Jerry and Greg became a part of our family. Their care and understanding went beyond beginning as attorneys.

- Joy

Leslie’s death was the worst thing to happen in my lifetime. I have not been close in coming to terms with her life, let alone her death. I find myself thinking the most important part of my life is gone and as though there is a gaping hole in my life. No matter how hard I try to fill that gaping hole, I am met with great disappointment. She meant so much to all of us in so many ways that words cannot describe. When I think of Leslie’s life, I am often filled with sadness over what should have been. The memories of her pain and suffering often give way to anger at the unfairness of her life. I cannot think of anyone deserving more in life and getting so little in return. Leslie has a mother, a father, and a brother who will always remember her and how special she became to all of us. While many people were intimidated by Leslie and her lifelong struggle, she had other people who cared greatly for her and showed their compassion. Maybe it was her struggle that allows me to remember some of the happy times in her life. I think of the times we went to a restaurant, shopped together at Walmart or Giant Eagle, or walked around the local mall. She enjoyed many activities like these because she was surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her. The effort you both put into representing Leslie will never be forgotten by our family. Your work in representing Leslie and trying to get some measure of help from those who caused Leslie’s suffering was important for both Leslie and our family. The memories from that time are indeed special. I remember your team working a great distance away from your own families during her trial. I remember Leslie and Jan in front of the jury using Leslie’s iPad to ‘testify.’ I also remember the numerous times you spent talking to myself or Jan, either in person or on the phone, and making suggestions to help us in caring for Leslie. I would not have wanted any other team representing Leslie. Your team stood strong against people so unwilling to take responsibility for actions so awful, again, words cannot properly describe. In the end, we were able to provide more for Leslie because of you. I thank you and you should know you will always be known to us as ‘Leslie’s Lawyers.’

- Matt C.

Our Daughter was well represented to a successful conclusion. I would wholeheartedly recommend your firm to others.

- Charlie D.

I started with the firm March, 2015. I became very comfortable when I called or came down to the office. Everyone in the office was so friendly to my children and myself. If I did not understand things, they (Greg) took the time to explain everything until I understood. I could call Greg for a kind and friendly word at any time. When they came over to do the video, my family felt so comfortable around him and the crew. They knew what to say and how to say it. The law firm and Greg are fantastic. They made my time of loss and sorrow a little easier to bear. Love these guys.

- Family of Johnnie L. Harvard Jr.

It was our first time seeking representation for a case and we were truly lucky in finding Greg Unatin. While in the middle of a cross-country relocation, Greg assisted us from start to finish during and after our move. He showed a great level of attention, communication, personality, and accessibility. He was always a phone call or an email away. He listened and paid attention to our distress, and he fought to get us the best settlement we could get. Greg coordinated every step from explaining the case, presenting our options, sorting out paperwork, guiding and counseling us through all of it. Professional yet amicable, Greg made this experience an easy one for us.

- Tana