Medical Malpractice Attorneys

In some cases our clients have offered feedback about their experience working with our firm. Please take some
time to review their comments. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.


In June of 2011 my father, who was blind and in a wheelchair, was somehow able to get into a hallway with a stairwell at the nursing home where he resided. He fell down a set of stairs and he died instantly. It was devastating! A friend of our son’s, who is also a lawyer but didn’t deal with such cases, recommended Brendan to us and what a blessing that was! Not only is he an amazing lawyer but he is a very compassionate, loving and caring person, which was pretty important in the emotional aspect of this case. From the moment we met him we loved him. Our major concern was trying to make sure that nothing like this happened to another unfortunate family. Brendan fought long and hard for us and for our father’s honor! I would highly recommend Brendan. He is not only a wonderful lawyer but an amazing young man. You can’t go wrong having him represent you.

- Carol

Brendan made what could have been a very confusing and stressful breach-of-contract dispute with a client as easy to deal with as possible. He was always easily reached when needed, and was diligent in keeping the other side working, too. The issue was quickly and easily resolved. I appreciated, too, his demeanor the entire time. I never felt like I was bothering him or being ridiculous, even though my situation was small comparatively. He took the time to explain everything and make us feel comfortable throughout the process. As a small business owner of a start-up company, the value of his work for us cannot be under-stated. Brendan’s expertise saved us from losing thousands of dollars in a sticky situation.

- Heather

Brendan did an excellent job of representing my company in a breach of contract matter involving a former subcontractor. He goes the extra mile to search for information that would be meaningful to a case and its favorable resolution. Brendan has my unqualified endorsement as an attorney, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.

- Leigh

I sought out representation for an unemployment appeal hearing. Mr Lupetin provided a great comfort and service to me. He had reviewed information on the case prior to our first meeting. I felt that he listened to me. He has a very approachable yet professional demeanor. I left the office confident that I made the right decision to seek out his guidance. He went above and beyond when he offered guidance to improve my resume’. I chose to make this experience a positive one, and Mr Lupetin was a major factor in accomplishing this goal. We won my case. I have a new resume’ and a promising outlook on obtaining employment. I wish this gentlemen well on his promising future.

- Jo-Ann

I highly recommend Lupetin & Unatin. In my opinion they are very knowledgeable and competent in the area of medical malpractice. I spent several weeks researching various law firms in the Pittsburgh area that claimed expertise in medical malpractice. The firm clearly stood out above the crowd. I contacted them and provided information to them for an evaluation of my case. Their in-house medical clinical staff and lawyers I reviewed the matter thoroughly before contacting me regarding the case’s merit. They were quite thorough as they explained the merits of the case to me and described the legal process involved in such matters. My case took a long time to resolve. I contacted the firm many times to check on the progress of the case. In every instance Mr. Meyers or Mr. Unatin took time for me from their busy day to discuss the case. They are patient with you and your questions. They explain where-your case is in the legal process and are very honest about any unexpected outcome. I am happy to report that Mr. Meyers and Mr. Unatin successfully obtained a fair settlement for my family without having to go to trial. Again, I highly recommend Lupetin & Unatin.

- Tom P.

My experience with your firm was amazing, from the first phone call to the final resolution I was treated with respect. Jerry, Todd, and Greg somehow put me at ease even when discussing delicate matters relating to my condition. Even the transition when Todd left was handled smoothly. I always felt you had my best interests and I readily accepted your advice. I will be forever grateful for the help you gave me in navigating what was to me unchartered and terrifying waters. You should all be proud of yourselves and your firm, and should anyone I know be in need of legal help of this sort, I would certainly recommend you. Thanks again.

- Mary G.