Medical Malpractice Attorneys

In some cases our clients have offered feedback about their experience working with our firm. Please take some
time to review their comments. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.


The experience that I had working with Brendan Lupetin was a breath of fresh air. Brendan came in highly recommended by a close friend and exceeded any expectation we had. Brendan treated my family like he would want his family to be treated. He came to my house at 7am one day, and 9pm another day to give my family peace of mind throughout this stressful process. At the end of the day Brendan allowed us to walk away from a horrible event, feeling like the weight of the world was lifted off our shoulders.

- David

I could write a raving multi-page review on this firm, but I think you get the idea from this synopsis; Attorney Greg Unatin is nothing short of outstanding in his profession! Greg recently represented an elderly family member of mine. Greg handled this family member with a combination of TLC, professionalism and positive reinforcement like I have never seen. Greg took this case after another firm held the case with little work done until 3 months prior to the expiration of the Stature of Limitations, so the clock was ticking. I want the injured public to know the following about Attorney Greg Unatin; our case was definitely not going to yield a multi-million award on which Greg could probably retire, but once Greg learned the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, he took our case based upon principal. Greg simply chose to help an elderly person who was injured by a piece of equipment that was not working correctly. Greg worked diligently on our case, stayed in communication with me at every turning point , took every call, answered every question and always made himself available to us. I would highly recommend that you reach out to Attorney Greg Unatin to discuss your personal injury case!

- Phil

Brendan Lupetin represented my husband and I in our case. After dealing with a different law firm with no results for over a year, we actually contacted this law firm after seeing their commercial. Since our initial phone call, we felt as if we were a priority. Everyone within the practice was always respectful, helpful and timely with our myriad of questions. Brendan really seems to care about your situation and what you went through. He’s down to earth and an all around nice guy that helped guide us through something that we had absolutely no experience with. We were very happy with our end result and would recommend Brendan to anyone.

- Jamie

When we found that we were going to need an attorney ASAP, we looked online and since both our names were similar in spelling, we chose Jerry Meyers. From the very beginning, Jerry was completely understanding and told us to concentrate on our son/husband. I’ve never used an Attorney before but I had heard horror stories about some of them. Jerry and Greg were the most compassionate men I’ve ever met in my entire life. They went above and beyond in every aspect of the case. They kept saying that we should continue to work with Jeff and the more he progresses the better. Jerry and Greg always gave us hope that things would be okay. With their support and our faith we all made it through the roughest time in our lives. Jerry and Greg are now apart of our family. Their entire staff should be commended because they did a great job on our case. We will never forget Jerry, Greg and the staff that changed our lives forever. We love you guys.

- Joy

It was our first time seeking representation for a case and we were truly lucky in finding Greg Unatin. While in the middle of a cross-country relocation, Greg assisted us from start to finish during and after our move. He showed a great level of attention, communication, personality, and accessibility. He was always a phone call or an email away. He listened and paid attention to our distress, and he fought to get us the best settlement we could get. Greg coordinated every step from explaining the case, presenting our options, sorting out paperwork, guiding and counseling us through all of it. Professional yet amicable, Greg made this experience an easy one for us.

- Tana

We appreciate everything Greg has done for us. He showed care and concern for this case. He spent a lot of time on this. He has been a blessing.

- Michelle