Tag: Cancer Misdiagnosis

Skin Cancer Misdiagnosis: Understanding Your Medical Legal Rights

The misdiagnosis of skin cancer can lead to devastating consequences for patients. When a healthcare provider fails to accurately diagnose skin cancer, it can result in the disease progressing to a more advanced stage, which can significantly decrease survival rates and increase the complexity of the treatment required. It is crucial for patients to understand their rights in the event of a misdiagnosis.

Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis

When a Cervical Cancer Diagnosis is Delayed Due to Malpractice or Negligence The misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer due to misread pap smears

What Can Go Wrong, Sometimes Does

This case of delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer as a result of mistakes made by both doctors and cytopathologists is a tragic tale of a young mother who left behind three minor children when she died. Our firm assisted this family in securing financial compensation to support the children after her death.

The Negligent Interpretation Of Pap Smears

Published by the American Society of Cytopathology in their Journal, Pathology Patterns Reviews. Cervical cancer continues to kill approximately 4900 women annually. This is a

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