Premature Infant Left For Dead

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Brain Damage Suffered At Birth.

The story in our television ad is true.  It is the true story of one of the many remarkable clients our attorneys have represented.

This client was born premature, but healthy.  The doctor decided the baby would never lead a “normal” life.  So no resuscitation measures were taken…until the child’s father forced the doctor to resuscitate his baby.  Because of the doctor’s delay, the baby suffered irreversible brain injury.

The doctors and nurses involved altered the birth records to make it appear the baby didn’t need a resuscitation when born.  The entire event of the baby being abandoned when born was concealed.

When the parents arrived at the hospital to which the child was transferred and told the doctors there what had in fact happened, the parents were informed that the records of the delivering hospital did not corroborate their recollections.

The parents contacted one of our lawyers who conducted an investigation, filed a lawsuit and discovered the truth.

The investigation also revealed the child would require expensive healthcare and therapies if the child was to have the best chance to achieve the fullest recovery of function.  Through the work of their lawyer, the parents were able to meet the great economic challenges which faced them.  After years of hard work by the client and the parents, and thanks to hour after hour of costly therapy and care, the client, though still facing challenges and struggles, is leading as full a life as possible.  The child is in college…and plays piano.

We would like to tell you more about the people we have represented, but we cannot.  The lawyers who represent doctors and hospitals require that the terms of settlement of medical negligence matters be confidential.  In fact, the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCARE) Fund (a link to the full text of the MCARE act is provided here; the MCARE act, like any complex legislation, should not be interpreted without the assistance of an attorney), a Pennsylvania state agency which insures healthcare providers against liability for injury or death resulting from the furnishing of medical services, requires that parties settling a medical malpractice claim agree to a confidentiality clause.  They even try to force the courts to “seal the records’ so that no trace of a lawsuit can be found.  Their goal is to silence victims of medical negligence and their families.  By silencing them, the public is not warned about the preventable medical errors that are committed every day.

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