Organization and Orchestration: Understanding the Trial Prep Process

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Episode Summary

Whether you’ve tried dozens of cases or are preparing to try your very first case, establishing an effective trial preparation process is key to a successful outcome for you and your client.

In this episode of Trial & Medical Error, med mal litigators Brendan Lupetin and Greg Unatin discuss the process they go through every time they try a case. Beginning with establishing a trial team and creating a detailed checklist, they go on to discuss the role of organization, the advantage of having a trial support team, the importance of mental preparation, and how telling a story in your opening statement can guide your trial strategy. 

Episode Preview

  • Why preparedness from the start is crucial to a successful outcome
  • How to prepare your mental game for trial
  • Why trial lawyers are more like conductors and directors rather than actors
  • The importance of reframing when you are thrown a curveball
  • How your opening statement can help guide your case presentation
  • The advantage of having a trial support team and jury expectations on technology

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