Just Verdicts Podcast with Brendan Lupetin
Episode 5
September 23, 2023

Navigating the Blame Game: Strategies for Med Mal Cases

Episode Summary

In this episode of Trial & Medical Error, hosts Brendan Lupetin and Greg Unatin discuss the difference between a “system failure” case and an “event” case. The hosts explain the difficulties in presenting “event” cases to a jury, and strategies for how to re-frame an “event” case into a “system failure” case. Tune in to this episode to hear Brendan and Greg share past experiences presenting these kinds of cases to the jury and tactics for preparing your next med mal case for trial.

Episode Preview

  • Tactics for working up med mal cases—an “event” case versus a “system failure” case
  • Why it’s tough for a jury to say that an individual doctor was negligent
  • Why you need effective intake on “event” cases
  • How to turn an “event” case into a “system failure” case

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