Just Verdicts Podcast with Brendan Lupetin
Episode 22
June 9, 2024

$2.5M Verdict on Two Shoulder Surgeries: Motivating the Jury with Clancy Boylan

Episode Summary

“Another one for the books.” How do you get a $2.5M verdict on two shoulder surgeries? It comes down to telling a compelling story to motivate the jury.

In this episode of Just Verdicts, host Brendan Lupetin is joined by the show’s first returning guest, trial attorney Clancy Boylan of Morgan & Morgan.

Tune is as Brendan and Clancy break down Clancy’s recent trucking case including, how he turned down a settlement offer more than double the medicals, the question he asked the defendant’s corporate designee which froze the witness into silence, how he structured his closing argument, and how to talk about damages to the jury when you can’t say a number.

Episode Preview

  • Background of Clancy’s trucking case
  • Why FMCSR 392.14 is so powerful in trucking litigation
  • How Clancy asked about caps on damages during jury selection
  • Breaking down cross tactics, including wild moments that left the defendant’s witness speechless
  • Clancy’s closing


Brendan Lupetin

Today's Guests

Clancy Boylan

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