Just Verdicts Podcast with Brendan Lupetin
Episode 21
May 23, 2024

Near $1B Verdict on Defective Seat Belt Case in Philadelphia with Wesley Ball

Episode Summary

A product intended to ensure safety should not be the source of an injury. In 2023, veteran trial attorney Wesley Ball of Farrar & Ball LLP helped secure a verdict against a car manufacturer that put defective seat belts in their cars. 

In this episode of Just Verdicts, Wes tells host Brendan Lupetin how he prevailed on behalf of a client whose devastating injuries caused by a defective seat belt left him a quadriplegic. Wes recalls how focus groups helped him prepare his trial strategy, the process of picking a Philadelphia jury, and the challenges of anchoring a case for damages in a jurisdiction that does not allow attorneys to suggest an amount of damages to the jury.

Tune in to hear how Wes successfully advocated for his client and made a corporate bad actor pay.

Episode Preview

  • The proper mindset for attorneys seeking large verdicts
  • Using focus groups to prepare for trial
  • Picking juries in Philadelphia
  • Using opening statements to frame your case for the jury
  • Establishing damages without suggesting a value to Pennsylvania juries
  • Anchoring your case throughout trial


Brendan Lupetin

Today's Guests

Wesley Ball

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