No Apologies: A Deep Dive Into a $26 Million Trucking Verdict

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Episode Summary

On this episode of Trial & Medical Error, host and med mal litigator Brendan Lupetin, is joined by trial lawyer Clancy Boylan, the managing partner of the New Jersey and Philadelphia offices of Morgan & Morgan. Clancy comes on the show to share the secrets to success that helped him and his partner obtain a $26M verdict on a trucking case ($25M of which was for punitives!)

Tune in to hear how Clancy motivated the jury to award $25M in punitive damages, how he leveraged the defendant’s refusal to accept responsibility, and how this case has changed his strategy moving forward on trucking cases.

Episode Preview

  • Getting to know Clancy Boylan
  • The single biggest driver of verdicts in trucking cases
  • Background of the Clemmons case
  • How the defense refused to accept responsibility despite liability being clear
  • How Clancy framed punitive damages for the jury
  • Breaking down the verdict
  • The power of a missing apology
  • Trial transcripts! Openings, Closings, and Punitives

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