Just Verdicts Podcast with Brendan Lupetin
Episode 16
March 9, 2024

From Mundane Facts to a Shocking Verdict with Kelly Ciravolo and Jamie Anzalone

Episode Summary

On this episode of Trial & Medical Error, host and med mal litigator Brendan Lupetin, is joined by personal injury attorneys Kelly Ciravolo and Jamie Anzalone of Anzalone & Doyle Trial Lawyers. Kelly and Jamie discuss the strategies and tactics they used to turn mundane facts into a $3M verdict against a nursing home group ($2.7M of which was for punitive damages).

Tune in to hear Kelly and Jamie talk about their approach to opening, the drivers that helped establish liability, how they showed a pattern of conduct that got the jury ticked off, and their strategic move to set up a claim for punitive damages at trial (not beforehand).  They also discuss their approach to the bifurcated punitive trial.

Episode Preview

  • Getting to know Kelly Ciravolo and Jamie Anzalone
  • Background and settlement posture in the case
  • Rule-based structure of opening statements
  • Why Kelly and Jamie went after ‘pattern of conduct’ instead of ‘systemic failure’
  • Bifurcated trial and punitive damages
  • How Kelly and Jamie motivated the jury to award $2.7M in punitives


Brendan Lupetin

Today's Guests

Kelly Ciravolo

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