Just Verdicts Podcast with Brendan Lupetin
Episode 15
February 23, 2024

Focus Groups, Big Data, and How to Look for the System Failure in Your Med Mal Case with Ben Gideon

Episode Summary

On this episode of Trial & Medical Error, Brendan Lupetin interviews Ben Gideon, a med mal trial attorney from Maine who is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and co-host of Elawvate, a podcast for trial lawyers. 

Tune in as Ben shares an interesting way to frame an individual doctor case as a system failure, how to overcome confirmation bias in your case prep, the value of big data studies in settlement discussions and client communication, and the way you should be doing focus groups to confront your case weaknesses.

Episode Preview

  • There’s no one formula to being a successful trial lawyer
  • Why curiosity leads to better case strategy
  • The benefit of coming into a case late
  • The way you should be doing a focus group
  • How to frame the individual doctor case as a system failure
  • What kind of weight to give the big data study once you get it


Brendan Lupetin

Today's Guest

Ben Gideon

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