Just Verdicts Podcast with Brendan Lupetin
Episode 11
December 23, 2023

Want a Law Practice Like John Fisher? He’ll Tell You Exactly How to Get It

Episode Summary

“Being good at what you do is enough to make you successful.” If only. If you want to build a thriving law practice in the modern legal marketplace, business and marketing chops are a must.

Tune in as John Fisher provides a masterclass for young lawyers hungry to make (and keep) more money, develop a referral-based practice, and cultivate a valuable referral network.

John is the owner and founder of The New York Injury and Malpractice Law Firm in Kingston, New York, where he specializes in the representation of catastrophically injured persons. He’s also the author of several books as well as an entrepreneur and the founder of The Mastermind Experience, a challenging seminar where elite lawyers collaborate to achieve incredible results.

Want a signed copy of John’s latest book, The Law Firm of Your Dreams? Just send John an email at jfisherlawyer@gmail.com.

Episode Preview

  • John Fisher’s journey to becoming a medical malpractice attorney
  • Why John never agrees to confidential settlements
  • Loving the work you do
  • Developing referrals and business sources
  • The complexity of medical malpractice and fee structure


Brendan Lupetin

Today's Guest

John Fisher

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