Sudden Rear Impact, Slow Decline – Unpacking Mild-TBI for the Jury, Part 1

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Episode Summary

Concussion cases can be difficult. The injury is invisible. The jury is skeptical. But there is a formula to success. Do you know it?

Tune in to the debut episode of Trial & Medical Error as seasoned med mal litigators Brendan Lupetin and Greg Unatin share the tactics they used to win a favorable verdict in a recent concussion case. In this part 1 of a 2-part series, you’ll learn about the type of evidence that is crucial to get a strong verdict in this type of case, and more.

Episode Preview

  • How “really good treaters” benefit you at trial.
  • The one type of evidence that is crucial in proving the “invisible” injury.
  • The significance of a plaintiff’s likability and willingness to work hard in preparing for trial.
  • The importance of seeking fresh perspectives and checking biases in evaluating a case.
  • What you need to do to understand the true impact of your client’s injury.
  • What to do to contrast treating doctors with defense-hired experts.
  • How to handle your emotions during cross-examinations.
  • How to frame damages for the jury in your opening statement.

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