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It’s hard to enjoy life if you’re always walking on egg shells. When we enter a store, a home, or a place of work, we move forward with a purpose – whether business or pleasure. Whatever the purpose, our first focus is on the task at hand, not unseen dangers lurking in our way.
Fortunately, the law protects people unexpectedly harmed by a preventable danger on another’s property or business. As long as a business knows or should know of a dangerous condition on its property, the business has a duty to protect unsuspecting visitors. The same rule applies to homeowners or property owners who know people will enter their property, whether by invitation or for a business purpose (for instance, the gas meter reader). People who own businesses or property must keep the premises as safe as reasonably possible to prevent injury to others. Our personal injury attorneys could explain the rights of all three category of visitors have if they get hurt on someone else’s property. Our Pittsburgh premises liability lawyers could then work with your to recover compensation for your losses.

Safety In Places of Business

If a department store employee knows a customer spilled liquid in aisle 9, the employee must place visible signs to warn other customers about the danger until the floor is cleaned and dry.

Homeowner Responsibilities

If a homeowner knows about a loose step or railing along a flight of stairs, they must make the necessary repairs or warn people who come to the home about the dangerous condition.

These examples of slip and fall cases may seem cliché or even comedic. But a slip and fall is extremely serious in the life of a parent, child or grandparent whose hamstring muscle is ripped from their bone. A sudden trip followed by trauma to the skull is no joke to somebody who loses their life partner to a brain bleed.

Negligence In Maintaining Property Security

A safe business or property is not just about preventing slipping or tripping hazards. Businesses like parking lots, bars, casinos, or hotels often face an increased risk of violent crime on the property. Often such businesses will recognize the risk, but stop short of providing security measures sufficient to protect their customers or employees from known threats. When the unthinkable happens, the same business passes off the tragedy as a random act.

For a business to pretend a murder, rape or assault is an isolated and unpreventable occurrence is almost as deplorable as the act itself. At Lupetin and Unatin, we are trained and prepared to hold businesses accountable for negligent security and turning a blind eye for the sake of saving money.

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