Minors Tolling Statute in Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Minors Tolling Statute

Statute of Limitations when the Victim is a Child

With few exceptions, in Pennsylvania, adults must file personal injury law suits within two years of an incident. But where a child is a victim, the law extends the time for filing until the age of 20.

Often, because of a parent’s sense of helplessness or the hope a child’s injury will improve, the parents make no claim, and later think they’ve waited too long. But Pennsylvania law preserves the rights of children to make claim until age 20 for injury caused any time before age 18.

So, where a two-year statute of limitations might otherwise apply, a claim involving children may be filed up to two years after they’ve reached eighteen. Though this law provides more time than before, it is still important to act early and consult a personal injury attorney in order to secure your child’s rights.

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