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Our qualified attorneys could help people who have been seriously injured due to the wrongful or negligent acts of another person or entity. Our job is to help people who have been injured to recover compensation and ease the financial, physical, or emotional burden resulting from their injury.

An important distinction between personal injury and medical malpractice claims is that the victim of medical malpractice or their family are often in the dark and do not know what happened to cause the injury. In personal injury cases, the injury is usually sudden and the cause of injury quite obvious. Not unlike claims involving medical malpractice, an individual who sustains personal injury is entitled to compensation for financial loss related to medical bills, lost wages, or the inability to work, as well as recovery for pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the wrongful action or negligent inaction of another person or entity, a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer may be able to help.

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims in Pittsburgh

  • Auto & Truck Accidents
  • Injuries caused by defective products
  • Injuries caused by encountering a hazard that should have been visible, marked as hazardous, or removed.
  • Insurance Bad Faith Claims
  • Workplace Accidents

How are Damages Calculated for Personal Injury Claims?

The following factors are considered when determining and agreeing upon a settlement amount:

  • Establish the full extent of the injury.
  • Determine the future needs of the victim, including expected medical costs and cost associated with living with the injury, such as retrofitting of the home, devices and appliances that may be required, and long-term personal care.
  • Determine the maximum recovery obtained in similar cases that may have set a precedent.
  • Calculate how much the victim will lose in wages over the course of their recovery, or in cases where the victim will never return to work, over the course of their work life expectancy. It’s also necessary to calculate the value of the victim’s financial, physical and emotional contributions to their children or spouse as well as services performed in and around the home. For more information on the Value of a Homemaker.
  • Attorney fees will ideally be recovered for such sums as are awarded for pain and suffering. This is much easier to do by settlement than by verdict.

Time Limits on Filing Pittsburgh Injury Claims

In the state of Pennsylvania, The statute of limitations on personal injury claims is typically 2 years. There are some circumstance in which that time frame may be extended. Click here to read more about Pennsylvania statutes of limitations.

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