Medical Malpractice: Who Can Request An Autopsy?

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Attorneys Jerry Meyers and Brendan Lupetin were recently interviewed as part of a report for related to autopsies and medical negligence after a 53-year old woman died following a 30+ day stay in a Pennsylvania hospital. Her family has questions about the care that she received, and whether or not negligence in that care led to her death. They requested an autopsy, and expressed concern about the autopsy being performed by the same hospital that provided her care being a conflict of interest.

“That is a question a lot of people have, especially when people are already concerned about the circumstances. They think that the hospital made a mistake and now they are worried the hospital maybe was going to try and cover it up,” said attorney Brendan Lupetin.

Attorney Jerry Meyers stated that every patient should have an advocate present while being treated in a hospital: “Someone who is present and there for the purpose of hearing what the doctor says and seeing to it that what the doctor has said has been sufficiently translated so that the advocate and the patient actually understood it,” said Meyers. “You can not emphasize strongly enough to people that they need to be informed, and when things go wrong, they should insist on getting an explanation.”

The full article, along with a short video, can be found here.

*Jerry Meyers retired from the firm in 2021.

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