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Up to Date” is an online scientific medical practice resource available to physicians and anyone else who is willing to pay the annual subscription fee. Of interest, up-to-date now e-mails clinical “practice changing updates” to subscribers. The practice updates affect medical standards of practice on both medical and surgical subjects. This online publication also provides for public access to readily understandable medical information written for persons who are not medical professionals. The publication is readily accessible through Google or other search engines. There is no longer any excuse for patients not informing themselves about diseases and conditions for which they are receiving or seeking treatment.

I have previously written with dismay about the length of time required for advances in medical practice become generally adopted in clinical practice. Textbooks which were used by doctors to remain current are not themselves current by the time they were published. Since all hospitals which are accredited are required to provide their medical professionals with authoritative references, including online resources, the time required for acceptance of changes in recommended practice should be reduced.

Moreover, it certainly has become much easier for attorney advocates to investigate the circumstances which have led to unexpected and serious bad outcomes for patients in the course of their medical care.

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