Women Beware

Women Beware

Your rights to proper and regular screening for cervical cancer by pap smears and other means is being attacked.

In a recent publication of a British Medical Journal (October 13, 2008), the findings of a joint European study are reported. The purpose of the study was to establish whether frequent HPV and Pap smears are really necessary. On the basis of their study they concluded that screening at six-year intervals would be safe and effective.

Don’t be fooled. This study will be used in the United States to attempt to loosen the current guidelines here in America. The only conceivable basis for this attack on a woman’s right to have adequate cervical screening is clearly based cost considerations which have nothing to do with the magnitude of human suffering and misery which women are subject to when they needlessly suffer the consequence of invasive cervical cancer because adequate screening has not been done.

For more information on abnormal pap smears.

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