About Us

We Are Problem Solvers

Our highest priority is to find people that are faced with serious, life-altering problems due to the negligent actions of others – and help them solve these problems. As attorneys, we are in a position to help people recover money from the person or organization responsible for their injuries – but we believe that our responsibility goes deeper than that. Sometimes in these situations, a person suffers from problems that money alone can’t solve. In addition to working to recover financial compensation to cover things like medical bills, medications, assistive devices and caregivers, we have helped our clients find solutions to more complex problems, such as finding the right service providers to make life easier, learning to communicate with their doctors, and having a better understanding of their own medical history.

We Seek Answers

When we handle a medical malpractice case, we expect to get answers to questions like “What really happened?” and “Why did this happen?” This is important not only to our client and their family, but to the responsible party as well. Them admitting wrongdoing or negligence is not our goal – but helping them to understand what happened so that they can avoid it happening again, is.

We Are Here When You Need Us

Our relationship with our clients and their families doesn’t end when the settlement or verdict comes in. We often maintain an ongoing relationship for the duration of the patient’s life, or even longer, at no additional cost to the client. When you are a client of Lupetin & Unatin, we are with you as long as you need our knowledge and guidance.