Pittsburgh Surgical Error Case Process

People throughout the western Pennsylvania region, as well as parts of Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and other surrounding states, come to Pittsburgh because of the great reputation of its hospitals and doctors. Likewise, some of the most complex surgeries are being performed by surgical specialists here in The Steel City.

Unfortunately, when surgeons or other medical professionals act negligently, they can cause serious harm to patients. If you were harmed by surgical negligence, it is important to understand that you have legal options. A practiced attorney at Lupetin and Unatin is prepared to walk you through the Pittsburgh surgical error case process, pursuing the compensation you need to make things right. Reach out to our office today to learn more.

Initial Steps to Take After a Surgical Mistake Occurs

If you think that you have grounds for a surgical error case, it is crucial to take prompt legal action to give yourself the best chance at a positive case outcome. Certain time restrictions apply to these cases, and failing to file in time could prevent you from recovering any compensation at all. Because of this, reaching out to an attorney should always be a priority.

After contacting our team at Lupetin and Unatin, the first thing we will do is set you up for a phone interview with one of our in-house nurses. They will gather the timeline in as much detail as possible about the events before and after the surgery and the harm you or your loved one suffered.

Gathering Evidence and Consulting with Medical Specialists

If a Pittsburgh attorney determines that, based on the facts gathered during the interview, there is a high chance or a high likelihood that a surgeon or other provider was negligent during surgery, the next step in the case process is requesting the patient’s medical records. This can include any imaging performed either before, during, or after the surgery which could help prove a medical error occurred. . A lawyer will review the medical records to become familiar with the facts.

At the same time, an attorney will perform medical research based on the facts found in the medical records to better understand whether or not a surgical error has occurred. If it becomes apparent that surgical negligence has occurred, a lawyer at Lupetin and Unatin will recruit a surgeon or other medical specialists in Pittsburgh to review the medical records and provide an opinion whether the care provided to the patient fell below accepted standards of medicine. An attorney cannot file a medical malpractice case unless the appropriate medical specialists have reviewed the medical records and provided written opinions supporting the lawsuit.

Once medical experts have provided an opinion that the case has merit, an attorney will prepare the complaint in a civil action setting. This complaint will then be filed in a court of law and served on all defendants.

Most Surgical Error Cases Do Not Go to Trial

The vast majority of surgical error cases are settled before going to trial. Whether the case will settle weeks or months into litigation or on the courthouse steps, most cases do not make it to court. If the case has been thoroughly vetted before being filed and well-respected medical experts are recruited as experts in the case, the chances of settling out of court are high. However, if a surgical error case does go to court, it is important to have a seasoned Pittsburgh attorney by your side who is prepared to fight for the compensation you need.

Let a Skilled Pittsburgh Lawyer Walk You Through the Surgical Error Case Process

If you are suffering because of a medical professional’s mistakes during your surgery, do not wait to take legal action. Our lawyers at Lupetin and Unatin will know where to look in your medical records to uncover the evidence necessary to prove that malpractice occurred. We have the experience to understand different accepted surgical techniques and to determine whether a bad outcome is the result of an unfortunate complication or an avoidable error due to malpractice.

We are prepared to take the lead on the Pittsburgh surgical error case process so that you can focus on what matters­– getting better. Schedule a free consultation today to get started.