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In some cases our clients have offered feedback about their experience working with our firm. Please take some time to review their comments. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients. 

“Brendan Lupetin represented my husband and I in our case. After dealing with a different law firm with no results for over a year, we actually contacted this law firm after seeing their commercial. Since our initial phone call, we felt as if we were a priority. Everyone within the practice was always respectful, helpful and timely with our myriad of questions. Brendan really seems to care about your situation and what you went through. He’s down to earth and an all around nice guy that helped guide us through something that we had absolutely no experience with. We were very happy with our end result and would recommend Brendan to anyone.”
– Jamie
“I could write a raving multi-page review on this firm, but I think you get the idea from this synopsis; Attorney Greg Unatin is nothing short of outstanding in his profession! Greg recently represented an elderly family member of mine. Greg handled this family member with a combination of TLC, professionalism and positive reinforcement like I have never seen. Greg took this case after another firm held the case with little work done until 3 months prior to the expiration of the Stature of Limitations, so the clock was ticking. I want the injured public to know the following about Attorney Greg Unatin; our case was definitely not going to yield a multi-million award on which Greg could probably retire, but once Greg learned the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, he took our case based upon principal. Greg simply chose to help an elderly person who was injured by a piece of equipment that was not working correctly. Greg worked diligently on our case, stayed in communication with me at every turning point , took every call, answered every question and always made himself available to us. I would highly recommend that you reach out to Attorney Greg Unatin to discuss your personal injury case!”
– Phil
“When we found that we were going to need an attorney ASAP, we looked online and since both our names were similar in spelling, we chose Jerry Meyers. From the very beginning, Jerry was completely understanding and told us to concentrate on our son/husband. I’ve never used an Attorney before but I had heard horror stories about some of them. Jerry and Greg were the most compassionate men I’ve ever met in my entire life. They went above and beyond in every aspect of the case. They kept saying that we should continue to work with Jeff and the more he progresses the better. Jerry and Greg always gave us hope that things would be okay. With their support and our faith we all made it through the roughest time in our lives. Jerry and Greg are now apart of our family. Their entire staff should be commended because they did a great job on our case. We will never forget Jerry, Greg and the staff that changed our lives forever. We love you guys.”
– Joy
“Brendan represented me in a lawsuit with a local hospital. He was extremely helpful in a very emotionally sensitive situation. He was compationate and very professional. He worked hard for a fair settlement.”
– Anonymous
“Attorney Greg Unatin is an attorney you want in your corner. He is very willing to dig into case law to make sure you get the most. He studies your case to see if there are other cases that will benefit you. His willingness to do research to insure that your case will proceed in a timely manner to a just conclusion. He is attentive to yours’ and your family needs he is willing to come to your house or where ever is needed to discuss and start the procedures. There is never a need to hesitate hiring this young man. He will be on your side, and by your side. He handled our case like a professional. Always kept us in the loop. If you have questions to ask him just do it. He will answer you truthfully. He goes the extra distance for you.”
– Jim
“Brendan did an excellent job with settling my Dad’s medical case. He was very responsive and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Brendan for any representation you may need.”
– Rhonda
"Greg Unatin of Lupetin and Unatin, is an excellent medical malpractice negligence attorney. He looked out for me during a long legal process. I had been in chronic physical pain that made it difficult for me to think clearly. He explained the law, outlined the steps and kept me well informed. Greg Unatin made the process so much easier for me. Greg took the weight off of my shoulders. The team of professionals that he works with were excellent and attentive to my needs. My opinions were valued. He replied to my phone calls and emails quickly and reassured me along the way. (Often on weekends). Greg’s firm was referred to me by a trusted friend and working with Greg was the best advice I have received in years. Greg Unatin was impressive in court and is a brilliant trial attorney! He spent more time than I can even imagine working on my case. He is an exceptional attorney with great compassion. Greg Unatin is honest, reliable, knowledgeable. I simply cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Greg Unatin. I give Greg Unatin the highest recommendation that I could ever give to a business professional."
– Lucy
"I used Josh Lamm in a car accident case. I had never experienced this before nor did I know what to do. Josh was with me through the whole case. Talked me through everything. Explained all that. Was going on when I thought there were delays. I’m the end, the wait was well worth it and I could not have done it without Josh. He was always available and if not he promptly returned my phone calls. Josh was always professional and I would definitely recommend and use him in the future."
– John
The experience that I had working with Brendan Lupetin was a breath of fresh air. Brendan came in highly recommended by a close friend and exceeded any expectation we had. Brendan treated my family like he would want his family to be treated. He came to my house at 7am one day, and 9pm another day to give my family peace of mind throughout this stressful process. At the end of the day Brendan allowed us to walk away from a horrible event, feeling like the weight of the world was lifted off our shoulders.
– David
“I contacted Attorney Gregory Unatin a few weeks ago at the suggestion of another local attorney. Our question was regarding the issue of a medical/prescription error for a relative. His response was prompt, and his promise to email more information was followed up almost immediately. Calls were returned and his explanations were clear. Further, the concern for our situation was clear with his attitude of kindness and understanding, and we are in his debt. We would again contact this attorney if the need again arose.”
– Carla
“It was our first time seeking representation for a case and we were truly lucky in finding Greg Unatin. While in the middle of a cross-country relocation, Greg assisted us from start to finish during and after our move. He showed a great level of attention, communication, personality, and accessibility. He was always a phone call or an email away. He listened and paid attention to our distress, and he fought to get us the best settlement we could get. Greg coordinated every step from explaining the case, presenting our options, sorting out paperwork, guiding and counseling us through all of it. Professional yet amicable, Greg made this experience an easy one for us.”
– Tana
“We appreciate everything Greg has done for us. He showed care and concern for this case. He spent a lot of time on this. He has been a blessing.”
– Michelle
“Brendan took our case that looked hopeless in being able to do anything about. he told us not to worry about anything he would handle everything and he did. He strongly litigated in court & was no nonsense in seeing the judgement filled. I was so glad my case got turned over to him. If I ever find myself in need again he is the only attorney I will call. He is truly a genuine, kind,& caring person. And a truly professional attorney.”
– Susan
“I first met Greg when I hired his firm to represent me in a medical malpractice case in 2010. Greg was very personable, had a great sense of humor, and I found him to be easy to work with. He explained intricate law issues in a way that I could understand. He was very patient and encouraging and I knew he was fighting to get me the best settlement I could get. He was incredibly accessible and always got back to me in a timely manner. I would definitely hire him again and would encourage my family and friends to do the same. I was very lucky and very blessed to have had Greg as my lawyer.”
– Karen
“Mr Brendan Lupetin is a very hard working, passionate person…. About two years ago, when i had my son had shriner hospital in erie. I was talking to a nurse, and she suggested that i talk to her daughter, which was a lawyer in pittsburgh….So i emailed her, an we got to talking and she was only a general lawyer and not a medical lawyer. So we set up a meeting an her and Mr. Lupetin came to my home. We got to talking about what had gone on with my mother’s passing. An from his experience in this field, he knew something wasn’t right…. So after almost two years of Mr. Lupetin’s hard work, and determination….He was right… Mr. Lupetin gave my mother a voice that i could not….an for that i am extremely gratefully. Out of all the people that i have worked with concerning this stuff, i am so glad that our paths crossed..I put my full trust in him… and he never took me for a ride…his was extremely honestly with me from the start and throughout the whole process. I don’t know in words to put this in how grateful i am for him and everything he has done for my family…But THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!”
– Amanda
“From the beginning of what my family and I saw as a sorrowful nightmare, losing our wonderful father to neglect and malpractice, Mr Lupetin has been there for us through every painful mile, comforting, giving us the knowledge and expertise we all needed to get through this. When noone would help us in the beginning, we were ready to give up hope. He not only gave us the justice we were seeking, but did it in a very short time. My family and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs the best attorney out there!”
– Sherri
“It was clear from our initial meeting with Mr. Lupetin, that he had our best interest at heart. Regardless of all the phone calls, emails, and questions, Mr. Lupetin treated our family with the utmost respect from the start of the case to its end. His greeting and patience was always professional and satisfying. His strategy in our case was methodical and impressive. Mr. Lupetin always seamed to be prepared and provided us with all options, and reviewed each of those options thoroughly. As noted Mr. Lupetin will always have our appreciation for being an Attorney that was timely, tolerant, truthful, and successful.”
– Joseph
"I would have no problems recommending Brendan to others. I already have. In the two years that I have known him, it has been a pleasure to work with him. He’s personable, thoughtful, loving & a caring person. He listened to me & was always there for me. He’s very professional, hardworking & dedicated to his clients. I wish him nothing but the best for him in the future. I know he’ll succeed. If I ever need an attorney again it will be him. Lots of Love.”
– Toni
“After the original attorney assigned to our landlord-tenant dispute left the firm, Brendan jumped into the breach to represent us. He was thorough, detail-oriented, and quite helpful, particularly because he explained to us very clearly how arbitration works – a new experience for us. His skillful handling and preparation of our case contributed to the panel’s decision in our favor. I would have no qualms recommending him to others in need of legal advice or representation.”
– Patrick
“Brendan was a pleasure to work with, he kept me informed of everything, made sure I understood what was happening and what would happen next. He is super responsive if you have any questions regarding something, even a year after my case is over he is still helping me figure out some questions/paperwork. He is reliable, efficient, and personable, and I could not recommend him enough!”
– Laura
“Brendan did an excellent job with settling my automobile accident case. He was very responsive and answered all my questions (I was out of state and a student at the time). I would highly recommend Brendan for any representation you may need.”
– Hannah
“My case ran several years, and Brendan stuck with me from beginning to end. He is a very good and thoughtful communicator, giving me frequent updates and timely advice. There were several impediments thrown at us. Brendan was always there to fight for me. It took a while, but we won in the end. I really appreciate the way he stuck with the case and gave clear explanations of my options. More than once he called me back or met with me to make sure I understood what was happening. I recommend Brendan very highly.”
– William
“Brendan is by far the most dedicated attorneys I have ever known. He is extremely detailed oriented and doesn’t leave a single stone unturned. His ability to think outside the box and come up with alternative solutions to complex problems has made him the outlier in his profession. It has been an honor to work with Brendan on several cases over the years both business and personal. Brendan has consistently demonstrated that he has what it takes to take on new challenges that he has never faced before and do so with a can do attitude. I highly recommend Brendan Lupetin for any of your business or personal legal needs.”
– David
“My case was a little different as my injury occured out of the state I reside in. That left me with other considerations for how to proceed with a lawsuit, attorney/client meetings, sharing information and of course having a comfort level with my attorney. I am pleased to say that Brendan turned out exceed my expectations in every turn in the case. He never failed to keep me informed, to provide research data and offer options. My concerns were addressed and he gave every consideration to making sure my interests were the priority. I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone looking for a honest, ethical attorney. I would chose him again even though I am out of state. You won’t be disappointed if you secure his services!”
– Dawna
“Brendan is a very effective litigator. He has a pleasant demeanor and from my first meeting with him it was clear that he was very knowledgeable; especially with respect to the complicated legal issue in my case. After taking the time to get to know me and my case, he diligently working the case up and was not afraid to try the case when defense counsel was unreasonable. I would definitely retain Brendan to represent me going forward whether it be a case that may settle or go to trial.”
– Fran
“In June of 2011 my father, who was blind and in a wheelchair, was somehow able to get into a hallway with a stairwell at the nursing home where he resided. He fell down a set of stairs and he died instantly. It was devastating! A friend of our son’s, who is also a lawyer but didn’t deal with such cases, recommended Brendan to us and what a blessing that was! Not only is he an amazing lawyer but he is a very compassionate, loving and caring person, which was pretty important in the emotional aspect of this case. From the moment we met him we loved him. Our major concern was trying to make sure that nothing like this happened to another unfortunate family. Brendan fought long and hard for us and for our father’s honor! I would highly recommend Brendan. He is not only a wonderful lawyer but an amazing young man. You can’t go wrong having him represent you.”
– Carol
“Brendan made what could have been a very confusing and stressful breach-of-contract dispute with a client as easy to deal with as possible. He was always easily reached when needed, and was diligent in keeping the other side working, too. The issue was quickly and easily resolved. I appreciated, too, his demeanor the entire time. I never felt like I was bothering him or being ridiculous, even though my situation was small comparatively. He took the time to explain everything and make us feel comfortable throughout the process. As a small business owner of a start-up company, the value of his work for us cannot be under-stated. Brendan’s expertise saved us from losing thousands of dollars in a sticky situation.”
– Heather
“Brendan did an excellent job of representing my company in a breach of contract matter involving a former subcontractor. He goes the extra mile to search for information that would be meaningful to a case and its favorable resolution. Brendan has my unqualified endorsement as an attorney, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.”
– Leigh
“I sought out representation for an unemployment appeal hearing. Mr Lupetin provided a great comfort and service to me. He had reviewed information on the case prior to our first meeting. I felt that he listened to me. He has a very approachable yet professional demeanor. I left the office confident that I made the right decision to seek out his guidance. He went above and beyond when he offered guidance to improve my resume’. I chose to make this experience a positive one, and Mr Lupetin was a major factor in accomplishing this goal. We won my case. I have a new resume’ and a promising outlook on obtaining employment. I wish this gentlemen well on his promising future.”
– Jo-Ann
“I highly recommend Lupetin & Unatin. In my opinion they are very knowledgeable and competent in the area of medical malpractice. I spent several weeks researching various law firms in the Pittsburgh area that claimed expertise in medical malpractice. The firm clearly stood out above the crowd. I contacted them and provided information to them for an evaluation of my case. Their in-house medical clinical staff and lawyers I reviewed the matter thoroughly before contacting me regarding the case’s merit. They were quite thorough as they explained the merits of the case to me and described the legal process involved in such matters. My case took a long time to resolve. I contacted the firm many times to check on the progress of the case. In every instance Mr. Meyers or Mr. Unatin took time for me from their busy day to discuss the case. They are patient with you and your questions. They explain where-your case is in the legal process and are very honest about any unexpected outcome. I am happy to report that Mr. Meyers and Mr. Unatin successfully obtained a fair settlement for my family without having to go to trial. Again, I highly recommend Lupetin & Unatin.”
– Tom P.
“My experience with your firm was amazing, from the first phone call to the final resolution I was treated with respect. Jerry, Todd, and Greg somehow put me at ease even when discussing delicate matters relating to my condition. Even the transition when Todd left was handled smoothly. I always felt you had my best interests and I readily accepted your advice. I will be forever grateful for the help you gave me in navigating what was to me unchartered and terrifying waters. You should all be proud of yourselves and your firm, and should anyone I know be in need of legal help of this sort, I would certainly recommend you. Thanks again.”
– Mary G.
“Jerry and Greg were a blessing. They always had Jeff’s welfare at the top of the list. They encouraged us to be more forward with his care and wanted him to progress. Their staff was the most professional and courteous group of people I’ve ever worked with. Jerry was on top of the case from the very beginning with Greg. I was amazed at the depositions on how they were able to get the facts out. Jeffery has continued to progress; however, the incident with always have a lasting effect. I would recommend Jerry and Greg to anyone who has a medical legal concern. Jerry and Greg became a part of our family. Their care and understanding went beyond beginning as attorneys.”
– Joy
“Leslie’s death was the worst thing to happen in my lifetime. I have not been close in coming to terms with her life, let alone her death. I find myself thinking the most important part of my life is gone and as though there is a gaping hole in my life. No matter how hard I try to fill that gaping hole, I am met with great disappointment. She meant so much to all of us in so many ways that words cannot describe. When I think of Leslie’s life, I am often filled with sadness over what should have been. The memories of her pain and suffering often give way to anger at the unfairness of her life. I cannot think of anyone deserving more in life and getting so little in return. Leslie has a mother, a father, and a brother who will always remember her and how special she became to all of us. While many people were intimidated by Leslie and her lifelong struggle, she had other people who cared greatly for her and showed their compassion. Maybe it was her struggle that allows me to remember some of the happy times in her life. I think of the times we went to a restaurant, shopped together at Walmart or Giant Eagle, or walked around the local mall. She enjoyed many activities like these because she was surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her. The effort you both put into representing Leslie will never be forgotten by our family. Your work in representing Leslie and trying to get some measure of help from those who caused Leslie’s suffering was important for both Leslie and our family. The memories from that time are indeed special. I remember your team working a great distance away from your own families during her trial. I remember Leslie and Jan in front of the jury using Leslie’s iPad to ‘testify.’ I also remember the numerous times you spent talking to myself or Jan, either in person or on the phone, and making suggestions to help us in caring for Leslie. I would not have wanted any other team representing Leslie. Your team stood strong against people so unwilling to take responsibility for actions so awful, again, words cannot properly describe. In the end, we were able to provide more for Leslie because of you. I thank you and you should know you will always be known to us as ‘Leslie’s Lawyers.'”
– Matt C.
“Our Daughter was well represented to a successful conclusion. I would wholeheartedly recommend your firm to others.”
– Charlie D.
“I started with the firm March, 2015. I became very comfortable when I called or came down to the office. Everyone in the office was so friendly to my children and myself. If I did not understand things, they (Greg) took the time to explain everything until I understood. I could call Greg for a kind and friendly word at any time. When they came over to do the video, my family felt so comfortable around him and the crew. They knew what to say and how to say it. The law firm and Greg are fantastic. They made my time of loss and sorrow a little easier to bear. Love these guys.”
– Family of Johnnie L. Harvard Jr.
Josh Lamm is a class act. Professional, knowledgeable and most of all, able to communicate effectively to his clients. He was able to boil the most difficult legalese down into terms anyone can understand. I would entrust him with my personal injury claim among many other legal issues. You wont be disappointed with Josh on the case. The firm is lucky to have him.
– Clayton
“It was our first time seeking representation for a case and we were truly lucky in finding Greg Unatin. While in the middle of a cross-country relocation, Greg assisted us from start to finish during and after our move. He showed a great level of attention, communication, personality, and accessibility. He was always a phone call or an email away. He listened and paid attention to our distress, and he fought to get us the best settlement we could get. Greg coordinated every step from explaining the case, presenting our options, sorting out paperwork, guiding and counseling us through all of it. Professional yet amicable, Greg made this experience an easy one for us.”
– Tana
My husband and I called Josh Lamm on a personal injury case. Josh has the tools and the knowledge to get the job done. His information was clear, concise and accurate. He told us what was what every step of the way. I would call Josh any time in the future because he is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Josh Lamm for any legal work.
– Shaina
Joshua Lamm was a great choice for representation. He was responsive, diligent, and fought hard on my behalf. Highly recommended.
– Charles

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